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We are not subtle.

Loud guns with louder women.


We are unapologetic.

Wild horses trampling the status quo.


We don’t give up.

If the game never ends, no one loses.


We are tough.

Stubborn mules with sequined capes

made of the finest

Red, White and Blue.


We have it all.

Movie Stars...

Fast Cars...


Open spaces...



We are American.


American Muscle puts notes with noise, creating a truly nationalistic sound full of rock, Mustangs, and a bass trombone. This three-movement work musically began with Jeremy Boggs, a tattooed, long-bearded, alternative rock drummer from Sumac (a band straight out of the Midwest). Jeremy graciously recorded some downright cool tracks at a speed that I requested. After some navigating and redirection, what remains is a piece that represents the American nature of pushing forward, pursuing freedom, and being resilient.


This piece is one of a number of works written for The Ghettoblaster Project; a series of exciting outdoor performances, primarily in the Netherlands, that combine concert music with recycled noise played through a wall of boomboxes.

American Muscle





for Bass Trombone and Recorded Sound


Russ Zokaites


American Muscle Excerpts - McComas - perf. by Russ Zokaites
performance by Russ Zokaites
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