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A quick trip with lots of baggage...

The clickety-clack of a trolley over a track, with all of the bells, whistles, and odd people along for the ride, make for the beginnings of an imagined trip through the hilled streets of sunny California. As to not be empty-handed on a journey, baggage is carried throughout by means of traveler and performer.


A quick trip with lots of baggage. is the chance for the bass trombone to go. At times he is along for the ride, joining the hypnotic rhythm of the piece moving forward. But, at other times, he is the melody – transforming with the changing of the landscape, and carrying with him the feel of a breeze from an open window while moving. In those moments, with all worry washed away, everything else is less important than it once was… if only for a moment, until the trip comes to an end.

A quick trip with lots of baggage...

  • 5:06

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