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Dont' Snap Your Cat

Don’t Snap Your Cat = Don’t Lose Your Cool


Who: Musician (Cat)


What: Should never lose the beat (AKA: snap, as if snapping in two)


Where: Any venue


When: While playing


Why: … better yet, why not? – If the cat loses the beat,

the cat will fall on its face.

It’s uncool to fall on one’s face.


How: Feel it.


All cats know how to land on their feet, or else they‘re not cats,

but rather they’re perhaps armadillos.

Cowering armadillos.

Who wants to be an armadillo?



With a slight nod to jazz in the most virtuosic section (cool cats also make me think of jazz), Don’t Snap Your Cat is simply a work that allows the tubist to have fun, but to also show off serious skills. Easy breezy? I think not. Cool. Yes.

Dont' Snap Your Cat

  • 7:31

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