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The Ticket for the Train

Corrie ten Boom wrote a fascinating book, The Hiding Place. Early within its pages she shares conversations she has with her father. One of these conversations touches on the difficulty of the fear of passing on. He gently reminds her of their trips to Amsterdam and how it is his job to hold onto the tickets until it is time to board the train. In the process of imagining this piece, I thought that this concept applied to many areas in life, both good and bad; that God will provide the ticket (the ability to move on) when it is time.


The Ticket for the Train narrates the inner preparations that happen before a major change in life by breaking it into three sections: knowing that a change is coming, the gentle relationship shifts and the change of focus from the present to the future, and finally the change occurring. From boarding to departure, with all the whistles and chugs, the contrabass trombone uses its range to share the highs and lows of the journey. He sings and contemplates until he too has boarded and fades into the distance.

The Ticket for the Train

  • 6:15

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